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Welcome to Bellingham House of Pizza & Pub..

.your home away from home...

Here at Bellingham House of Pizza and Pub our goal is to provide you with a
dining experience that is both comfortable and enjoyable. We pride ourselves on
providing quality service, and food at a great price.
We are family owned and operated Greek style pizza place that was opened in
1980 by our parents, Alex and Matula Kontoulis. Our father Alex has instilled in
us a desire to work hard and take pride in our work. Our mother Matula is one of
the best cooks on the east coast, and we feature her homemade lasagna and other
secret family seasonings for our homemade pizza and sauces as well as our
grilled chicken and steak tips. We also make fresh dough daily on premises. Our
parents are truly loved by our customers and are often called "Pappa and Mama" by
our frequent customers because of the family filled environment the pizza place 
provides. They have worked hard over the years, and it is a great feeling to
know our customers recognize it.
Our family is very proud to be part of the Bellingham community. Our parents
have lived in the town for over 30 years, and have seen the town prosper year over
year into what it is today. We are always looking forward to meeting new people
from Bellingham and the surrounding towns so please come in and enjoy the
experience like people have been doing for over 30 years, and continue supporting
a true landmark in the town of Bellingham.

Your meal awaits

The Kontoulis family

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